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re: Gearing up to start AOM Heroic group content


Rare materials for MC gear


Rare materials for expert spells

This depends on each class and on number of expert, master or grandmaster spells you already have scribed. Seems that a maximum of 15 rares will be needed for all 96-100 spells/combat arts if you haven't made any of them expert or higher yet.


Currency for purple adornments

*Far Seas Trading Tokens are acquired through crafting timeline of AOM and by doing weekly and daily AOM quests which become available after you finish TS AOM questline. If you don't have any crafters, you can avoid this buy buying Blank Rune. These runes can be bought from fuel merchant in a guild hall for 90 Far Seas tokens, or broker from other people, but they cost a lot, at the moment ~400 plat a piece.
*Transcendent Quintessence is a rare product of salvaging any level 96 fabled item. They can be also purchased off broker, and cost ~100 plat a piece.
Advanced Solo armor, gems and shards

To avoid high costs of crafted armor, I would recommend that you run Advanced Solos till you have right gear or enough armor shards to buy the right armor pieces.

First of all, the armor that drops in Advanced Solos is called Yellow Malice Armor. The final boss in every advanced solo instance will drop an ornate box with either any random armor piece or jewelry. As far as armor is concerned, it's smart loot. That means if you're a mage, you will always get cloth armor piece.

Here's an example of Yellow Malice Armor: Ardent Phantom Chain Helm. When you examine it, the yellow text says 0/4 yellow malice gem slots filled. This means, the armor can be upgraded four times, using Yellow Malice Gem. These gems can be purchased from Khandra, the ferrin merchant in Phantom Sea located at /waypoint 1197, 25, 1144 . They cost 9 Ferrin each. For each upgrade you get about 10~ boost on all the blue and green stats on the armor. For comparison here's the same armor fully upgraded:

Original drop: Ardent Phantom Chain Helm (0)
Fully upgraded drop with 4 yellow malice gemstones: Ardent Phantom Chain Helm (4)

Since you won't always be getting the correct armor piece for your class, you can instead decide to 'cannibalize' armor using Malice Gem Shard Cannibalizer. Cannibalizing the armor will give you a certain amount of Yellow Malice Shards. These shards can be then exchanged for any armor piece of your choosing, which helps gearing up your toons. Shioni, the merchant in Phantom Sea at /waypoint 1197, 25, 1144 will sell you the cannibalizer, as well as exchange shards for any armor you choose.

And now, the final part of this is knowing what armor your class will be using. Hover your mouse over items to examine what type of armor that is:


There are two types of armor for tanks. They can be plate or leather, depending on your class, but stats on it must be contain either Mitigation or Chance:


There are basically two types of armor for mages, with one 'placeholder'. I personally try to use only these two types, where I reforge all the casting speed into abil mod, or reuse speed into casting speed.

Scouts (Potency)

Much like mages, scouts who rely on their combat arts instead of auto attack, use almost the same type of gear. This is a good setup for any scout class, with exception of bards.

Scouts (Weapon Damage Bonus)

Scouts who rely on auto attack, instead use only one type of gear. It's the Weapon Damage Bonus stat that is most important to them. This type of gear is mainly intended for for Bards, but some other scout classes can utilize them, like ranges or assassins. However, I highly recommend this setup be used only for bards).


Priests, depending on their class use Plate, Chain or Leather armor. Despite that difference, all priests should use one of 3 types of gear. Gear MUST contain potency, as it's highly important to keep up with heals. It's also recommended to have a few Max Health armor pieces, as you want your health to be higher then everyone in your group, except the tank maybe. This will allow you to survive higher hits, and be able to stay alive in some crucial situations.

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