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re: 10 Timed Quests for Keys


To date, there have been ten different timed quests discovered:

Crate Courier (465, 19, 885)
The Lost Miner (446, 85, 366)
Rubble Rampage (184, 79, -440)
Swimming For Shrooms (950, 43, 198)
Unsealed Tombs (362, 177, 555)
Memory Bloom (515, 73, -167)
Millions of Leeches, Leeches for Me (342, 483, 100)
Extinguish the Flames (-107, 232, -692)
Pox Raiding (-428, 258, 393)
Leech Liberator (-404, 31 -497)

Each quest awards a " Dirt encrusted key " upon completion. 

When unpacked you will get one of the following:

"An ancient gold key", "An ancient platinum key" or "An ancient umbrite key"


Some helpful thoughts on the quests:

Crate Courier:  Suggest you use a Totem of the Deadly Sabertooth unless your a Dirge or have a high run speed. Helps alot with slow toons. Kill mobs in path before starting quest. Makes it faster. There is a short cut up the mountain once you hit the top of the ramp to the right. If you can't find it. Ask in guild chat and someone can show you.

Lost Miner:  Have yet to do this one. Keep forgetting it. Any suggestions on how to do it. Please post and will update it.

Rubble Rampage: Helps having singular focus to limit additional adds. Though sometimes my AOE item procs still go off. They die fast enough though. Do not forget to re-equip your weapon after quest ends. heh. Really kills your dps on running the other timed quests. 

Swimming for Shrooms:  Don't forget something to breathe underwater if you need one and remember if attacked by a Shroom the shroom you tried to pick up doesn't count as it was alive and didn't like you touching it. LOL

Unsealed tombs:  Keep track in your head how many skeletons you harvest. It does not keep count for you. Also if someone pulls your skeleton and kills it. You can still loot it as long as you can find it. =)

Memory Bloom:  Easy to do. Just remember to kill the plant spores in this order. Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. That's the spawn order every time. Singular focus works great here to not pull extra adds and also there are two plant spores that spawn next to each other. It is very easy to kill them both if your AOE or AE hits. Then you fail the quest.

Millions of Leeches:  You must use singular focus or you risk  killing the Leech also. Sucks to fail the quest that way. Leech locations are marked if you have EQ2MAPS. Otherwise they are hard to see as they blend in with the ground. Also you have to stay on the leech to hit the adds. If you are more than a few meters from them as they move. The adds show out of range. Very annoying but easy to kill them once you know.

Extinguish the Flames:  Kill the regular mobs before starting the quest to make it quicker. The mob you have to kill " Aberrant Ascender " is outlined with the color of the stone they have. Saves time if you kill only the colors you need. Basically you put out three flames with these colored stone combos:

                       Green Flame:  Combine Blue and Green stone, then touch flame

                       Orange Flame ( Looks Yellow sometimes ):  Combine Red and Yellow stone 

                       Purple Flame:  Combine Red and Blue stone

POX Raiding:  Merc pathing sucks sometimes. They occasionally will pull mobs to other leafs and out of your reach. Having your merc follow you is better but you will need to move them occasionally as the mobs will go to them and end up under a leaf at times where you can't hit them. Even without your merc they still end up under the leaf sometimes but its easier to move you than both of you. Put carcass on a leaf that does not have any other leaves under it. Seems to help. 

Leech Liberator:  Usually one shot adds with range or melee. That easy. 


Anyone have anything to add please post.



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