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re: 8 Timed Quests for Keys - Updated


To date, there are 8 time quests discovered:

Anatomy of a Lion          ( 328, 7, 17 )
Bloodtusk for Bol            ( -229, -32, -508 )
Clear Cut                        ( -478, -35, 50 )
Crab Nabber                   ( 130, -43, 360 )
Destroy or Be Destroyed ( 337, 12, -163 )
Hook, Line & Sinker         ( 520, -64, 469 )
Stump Buster                  ( 686, -13, 21 )
Wraiths Upon the Wastes ( 719, -17, -301 ) * Must have completed the Zek, Scourge Wastes Timeline quest " Honor the Dead " to access the area the timed quest is in *

Each quest awards a " Encrusted Iron Key " upon completion.

When unpacked you will get one of the following:

" Etched Wrought Iron Key ", " Polished Pyrite Key ", or " Engraved Blood Iron Key "

There is a another great write up at:


Some helpful thoughts on the quests:

Anatomy of a Lion:  You have to kill the single lioness tigers to spawn the  male lion mob. If you kill the group of 3 lionesses. It does nothing.  Do not forget to set your trap at the Druid Ring before you kill a lioness. Makes it faster. Your mobs can be pulled by other people like the skele's in Thalumbra. I think you can still loot. Anyone know? Also, when you harvest the bodies for organs. It helps to have your Gathering Skill maxed at 500. Pull more than one single lioness to make it go faster. Just make sure you have each male lion step on a trap to make it killable. Only one trap can be set at a time so just set a new trap after the first one is set off.

Bloodtusk for Bol:  Head due west to hunt them around the Green Hoods lake. Respawn is quick even with others doing the quest. Easier to complete if you pull more than one at a time. 

Clear Cut: Must pull more than one at a time to complete quest. Hard to complete if more than 2 other people running quest. Updates count for anyone. Updates are spread out with trash mobs in between. Hard to impossible to complete if killing one at a time and flying around trash mobs. Do not forget to loot the axe off the body. Count is based off kills. Not off axes collected. So if you forget one you will not know until you turn in to the tree stump. You can clear a few mobs before starting the quest to make it go alittle easier.

Crab Nabber:  Totem of the Deadly Sabertooth helps immensely with this quest. Put merc on follow and go or just send the merc away. With my SK if goes so much faster if I drop the Merc.  If others are running this quest. It's a plus as regular trash will be killed ahead of you. Your bird updates can only be gotten by you. When you go up the rock spire. At the top put your back to the wall. They have a knockback which will drop you to the ground. It can kill some toons and will bug your quest if you die. You will not get the update and fail the quest. Hopefully they fix this.

Destroy or be Destroyed:  Fly to the tent side of the quest start. The mobs near the tent are all grouped and count towards your kill count. Other mobs around are groups of two or singles. So takes a chunk out with the first group. That being said they put out alot of dps when they attack you. If your defense or dps is low. I would suggest doing the two's or singles. Still easy to finish with good dps.

Hook, Line and Sinker:  Must have underwater breathing. Totem of the Otter is good. Just kill away. 

Stump Buster:  Again if others are running its a plus as they will clear the regular trash around. If no one is around. Kill trash mobs around 10 stumps before starting quest. Goes alot faster without trash in the way. Stump eater adds that spawn can be hidden inside the stump if you don't pull back alittle sometimes and not take damage. Put merc on follow. This one can be hard for normal toons to complete without high dps, aoe and/or ae.

Wraiths upon the Wastes:  Quest start is clicking on portal in cave twice. Then just fly to towers. Click on tower. Mob spawns at 2nd platform from top. Sometimes hard to target as it appears in floor at first sometimes. I land on the 2nd platform and click on tower. Then do an AOE. I've heard some people say to use an escape pot to respawn near the front towers after doing the north one but I still have time to spare flying from tower to tower. Your preference.


Anyone have any hints, tricks or corrections. Please post.

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